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Updated on September 22, 2021

Track Hours:

Dirt: 6:45 AM - Noon (Monday - Saturday)
6:45 AM - 10:30 (Sunday)
Weather Permitting

Tapeta: 6:45 AM - Noon (Daily)


Rachael Mant is tattooing on a regular basis.
If you are interested in having a horse tattooed,
please contact the FHTC Office.
Call: 410 398 2992

Starting Gate Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7 AM to 10 AM

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Contacts for Stall Leasing:





Parlo I Tammy Burlin 443-553-7813
Parlo V Liz Merryman 610-299-8516 emrubin91@gmail.com
Parlo V Edwin Merryman 443-553-4234 ewmerryman@aol.com
Fairy Chant I Chuck Lawrence 610-255-3727 clawrence@zoominternet.net
Fairy Chant III West Rosella Hunter 410-920-7072 rosellamhunter@gmail.com
Fairy Chant IV Mark Shuman 240-375-2978 markshuman@zoominternet.net
Chevation II Sherene Bracho 954-658-4748 sherenebracho@gmail.com


Local Fair Hill Services:

Specializing in Custom Amish Built Barns
For the Equestrian Community
(717) 431-8142


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